LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue in NYC

LEGO’s flagship store in New York City is located on Fifth Avenue just steps away from Rockefeller Center and St Patrick’s Cathedral. A destination for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages, the store features iconic sets, innovative displays, and interactive experiences that elevate LEGO bricks to engage everyone who visits.

The store is a two-story, 7,000+ square-foot flagship location that offers an immersive retail experience. It blends unique digital and physical experiences to create a world of LEGO bricks for visitors to and even create.

Flagship LEGO store on Fifth Avenue

The LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue is a flagship store of the LEGO Group, located in New York City. The store offers a unique retail experience with an innovative retail format that creates an immersive world of LEGO bricks. The store is spread across two floors, covering an area of over seven thousand sq ft.

The flagship LEGO store on Fifth Avenue is a really fun destination for LEGO fans, and has an amazing collection of New York themed landmarks made of LEGO bricks that make it a go to destination for everyone. The store features the most iconic landmarks and icons of New York City built larger-than-life in LEGO bricks.

The LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue is not just a retail store but also a destination for LEGO enthusiasts. It offers various interactive experiences, including a LEGO brick wall where customers can build their creations, a Pick & Build wall where customers can choose from a variety of LEGO bricks to create their sets, and a LEGO Minifigure Factory where customers can create their custom minifigures.

The store is so popular that there is often a line to go in, especially during the holiday season. I love to go in every time there is no line as I love seeing the mini Manhattan they had created inside the store with LEGO bricks, down to the buskers which are such regular fixtures in all our lives.

There is an amazing tree built of LEGO bricks that was in the center of the store –

LEGO Tribute to New York City

The LEGO store on Fifth Avenue has a number of tributes to New York City. As soon as you walk in, there is a a whole side of the right of the store dedicated to the New York skyline such as the World Trade Center and Empire State Building, and a yellow taxi built of LEGO bricks that had seats inside, and made for a great photo op for all social media enthusiasts.

The famous New York City subway is well represented by LEGO blocks, as are traffic signals and the buskers that can be found at both –

The stairway to go upstairs is like LEGO heaven, with so many different New York elements built in –

The store also features plenty of superheroes keeping Gotham safe for all of us.

These are a many other nods to New York at the store as well-

Interactive Experiences

The LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue offers a range of interactive experiences that allow visitors to engage with LEGO bricks in new and exciting ways. From the LEGO Brick Lab to the Personalization Studio, there are plenty of opportunities for builders of all ages to unleash their creativity and imagination.

LEGO Brick Lab

The LEGO Brick Lab is a new interactive experience that allows visitors to explore the world of LEGO bricks in a hands-on way. Visitors can experiment with different types of LEGO bricks and learn about the LEGO design process while building their own creations in a space that has the walls and floors bursting to life with light, sound, and music in a virtual world that interacts with you.

Personalization Studio

The Personalization Studio is an interactive experience that allows visitors to personalize their own LEGO sets and minifigures. Visitors can choose from a range of stickers, decals, and other accessories to create a unique and personalized LEGO creation.

LEGO Mosaic Maker

The LEGO Mosaic Maker is an interactive experience that allows visitors to create their own custom LEGO mosaic. Using a special software program, visitors can upload a photo of their choice and watch as it is transformed into a LEGO mosaic. Once the design is complete, visitors can purchase a kit containing all the LEGO bricks needed to build their custom mosaic.

Minifigure Factory

The Minifigure Factory is an interactive experience that allows visitors to build their own LEGO minifigure. Visitors can choose from a range of accessories and clothing options to create a unique minifigure that reflects their personality and interests.

Pick a Brick

The Pick a Brick wall at the LEGO Store on Fifth Avenue allows visitors to choose from a wide selection of individual LEGO bricks and pieces. This feature is perfect for those who are looking for specific pieces to complete a particular set, or for those who want to create their own unique creations.

LEGO Store Window Displays

The store windows pay tribute to New York with New York landmarks recreated with LEGO blocks, this one is to the New York waterways –

The second window is Rockfeller Center, which is where the store is located, LEGO Christmas Tree, Rockettes and all –

LEGO Events

The LEGO Store organizes really fun interactive events for LEGO enthusiasts, which recently have included the LEGO City Bus and for the LEGO Fortnite launch event

LEGO City Bus

The LEGO City tour bus was in New York City for a day, and gave LEGO fans a chance to play games and win prizes in a bus that was LEGO inspired all the way through.

LEGO Fortnite Launch Event

LEGO organized a pop up event at Rockefeller Center to celebrate its launch of the LEGO Fortnite game within view of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

Closing Thoughts

The flagship LEGO store on Fifth Avenue at Rockefeller Center is an amazing place to visit, both for the experiences they offer, and for the local New York landmark builds they have on display. The LEGO store keeps it fun for visitors of all ages, and they even got a LEGO City Bus for a one day visit to New York, which was really fun to experience, as was the LEGO Fortnite launch event.

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