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Lego Store on Fifth Avenue in NYC

Lego is not something I pay much attention to since my niece and nephew have outgrown their obsession with it, but these days Lego has become top of mind thanks to – believe it or not – Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton’s holiday windows at all the department stores and flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City are all dressed up in Lego bricks, Louis Vuitton has a Lego birthday cake, and it got me thinking about the fact that I have never actually visited the Lego store on Fifth Avenue even though I walk past it all the time.

There is always a line out the door at the Lego store, but I got really lucky walking past it one evening and sailed right in. I absolutely loved loved loved seeing the mini Manhattan they had created inside the store with Lego bricks, down to the buskers which are such regular fixtures in all our lives. I am sharing pictures and videos from inside the flagship Lego store on Fifth Avenue in this post. Here is what it was like to walk in –

There was an amazing tree built of Lego blocks (or should it only be bricks?) that was in the center of the store –

There was a whole side dedicated to the New York skyline, and a yellow taxi built of Lego bricks that had seats inside, and made for a great photo op. I mean, you absolutely need a photo op in this age of social media to be relevant, don’t you?

The subway was well represented by Lego bricks, as were traffic signals and the buskers that can be found at both –

There were plenty of superheroes keeping Gotham safe for all of us.

The stairway to go upstairs was like Lego heaven, with so many different New York elements built in –

Upstairs, there was a whole MiniFigure factory for customers to create their own –

These are a few other nods to New York that caught my attention at the store –

The store windows pay tribute to New York, this one is to the New York waterways –

The second window is Rockfeller Center, which is where the store is located, Lego Christmas Tree, Rockettes and all –

Speaking of Lego, here is the LV flagship store looking like a Legoland these days, Lego Christmas Tree and all – even though the goods inside have a couple of extra zeroes in their price – ironically just a few blocks away from the Lego Store on Fifth Avenue.


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