Floating Restaurant in Harlem

Baylander Steel Beach

I was invited to a restaurant called Baylander in Harlem yesterday, which seemed like such a drag to get to given it wasn’t walking distance of anyplace near me, though I was intrigued by the fact that it was a floating restaurant. It turned out to be a great evening with a spectacular sunset over the Hudson River. I think it has made me reconsider all I am missing out on by sticking to restaurants close to me!

Baylander was a harbor utility craft during the Vietnam War, and it has meandered its way to becoming a restaurant at 125th Street and West Side Highway on the Hudson River. It has a really fun vibe with what seemed to be a local crowd, and I loved the expanse we got to experience all the way from George Washington Bridge to Downtown Manhattan from the top deck.

Here is what it was like before the sunset –

The sunset elevated the whole experience of being out on the water, and just kept getting prettier as the evening wore on.

By the time we left, the lights had all come on, and the views were all stunning all over again.

All in all this is definitely a place I can see myself going back to.


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