About Hanit

Hi, I’m Hanit Gyani, a full time professional by day, and a blogger by night and weekend. Welcome to my blog, aka my passion project, Gotta Love New York.

I moved to New York from India in 1999, and I am very fortunate to have lived in Manhattan ever since. I am a New Yorker any which way you slice it, from the widely accepted benchmark of living in Manhattan for over 10 years, to the more recent test of staying on and not leaving Manhattan during the pandemic.

My New York experiences have always been accompanied by the hashtag #gottalovenewyork, and that is where the idea for this blog was born many years ago. It has lived in my head longer than it has outside of it, and today I am thrilled to have this platform to share all that I love about New York with you.

Hanit Gyani
I have a natural curiosity about things in general, and New York has kept me busy with everything it has to offer! NYC is a city that is best explored by walking, and so much of what I encounter is just things I stumble upon during my walks through the City (as we locals like to call Manhattan). In case you’re wondering, I average 40-45 miles of walking a week, so I do get around.
I love everything from chancing upon a new neighbourhood or experience, to planning ahead to catch many a memorable concert or a show.  I am passionate about new adventures of any kind, and am always ready – and often over enthusiastic – about learning more about this endlessly fascinating city that I call home. I love to find a bargain, and my New York toolkit includes everything from free things to do to practically free food, and everything in between.
Over the years I have evolved into the person that is asked for advice on where to stay or what to do in NYC, and I hope that my blog can do the same for you.
I know there are a lot of options for you to read about NYC online, and I thank you for finding and spending some time on Gotta Love New York.  I update my blog often, so I hope to see you here again soon.