The Campbell Apartment (Bar) at Grand Central

Out of al the things I have wanted to do in New York, visiting the Campbell Apartment at Grand Central had definitely taken the longest to happen. Plans I make to go there always meander to someplace else, and in my head I had built it up as a bar that was not easily accessible to the world at large with its history as a private office and reception – at Grand Central! – for the Campbell it is named after.

Fast foward about 23 years of being in NYC to a couple of weeks ago, and not only did a plan I made with a friend miraculously come to be, but we also managed to get a table on the mezzanine which put us really close to their gorgeous hand painted ceilings. And so here goes.

I was never quite sure how to make my way to it, but the entrance for the Campbell Apartment is well marked out within Grand Central, and even on Vandebilt Avenue at the entrance.

We didn’t spend time at the bar that looks into Grand Central at the main level, but went up to the top. The bar is just absolutely stunning with its gorgeous windows. It is amazing to see how large windows are such a focal point at all things Grand Central, though the ones in the main hall with the painted ceiling are actually walkways that are used by their employees, which is a fun fact that I love to share.

I spent the evening at a table in the mezzanine level overlooking the bar, and I loved that it had me so close to the hand painted ceiling, which was absolutely spectacular. Here is what it was looking down at the main bar.

And here are some of the details that I spent the evening focused on at the expense of actually having a conversation with my friend!

And here is what it was like looking down at bar at the main level –

I still can’t understand why it took me 23 years to get to this bar, but I know I am not waiting 23 years for my next visit for sure.


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