Rats at Grand Central

Rats at the Graybar Passage Entrance to Grand Central

As I wrote about in a post about a few of my favorite things about Grand Central, one of the interesting features at the entrance of the Graybar Passage on Lexington Avenue is rat sculptures on the cables outside made to look like they are trying to get in, and are thwarted by conical structures at the top. I understand these are designed to resemble mooring lines of a ship.

The rats are easy to miss, and I noticed them for the first time just a few months ago, even though I cross this entrance many many times every week!

What is really interesting though is that although there are conical structures preventing the rats from getting in, the top design is actually made up of heads of rats making it look like they managed to make it past all the barriers after all!

It truly is an urban jungle with all the rats and the eagles at Grand Central.


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