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Holiday Windows in New York

I know I have been writing a lot about holiday lights in the City and its Hotels recently, some of which include bits and pieces of holiday windows. Holiday Windows are such a phenomenon every year that I thought they deserve a post unto themselves. I am going to take the liberty to include some of the storesfronts that are dressed in their holiday finest as well, in part because I think they add color to this thought, and mostly because the beauty of a blog is that I can.

The best holiday display for me is definitely Bergdorf Goodman, though Saks definitely competes for my attention with their holiday light show every year. So, in no particular order of preference, I am going to start with Bergdorf Goodman.

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

These are the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows from 2022, each set showing one of the window on the left and the other a close up on the right as the detail is just incredible.

Here are some of Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows from 2014, they just remain absolutely spectacular over the years. Hopefully the improvement in my picture taking skills is somewhat evident in the pictures from 2022!

Louis Vuitton Holiday Windows

On the other side of Fifth Avenue from Bergdorf Goodman is Louis Vuitton, and their Christmas tree is 12 or 14 storeys tall, and makes for an arresting sight from blocks away. The theme in 2022 is Lego blocks, and their window displays all over the City are all made up of Lego bricks! I have a separate post about that on my blog.

Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show and Holiday Windows

Moving on down a few blocks to Saks, their holiday light show is the star of the show by far. The looks stays somewhat similar, but they change the sound and theme up every year. In 2022, it is all about Elton John, who even performed at the big opening for this year.

They changed the look of the light show up slightly in 2021 as you can see below, all my pictures from 2020 and before look like the one on the left.

Here are the Saks window displays, though all these have motion and don’t translate as well into just pictures. You can see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree reflected in most of them, and clearly these were taken before the big lighting as you can see the scaffolding around the tree –

Chanel Holiday Windows

I love love love that Chanel has their store wearing their signature necklace this year, I am sure it makes everyone that wears Chanel jewelry want to get one even more than ever. Here goes their store holiday decorations – as opposed to their windows –

The 2021 decoration is a theme they had for the year as can be seen from this Chanel No 5 event they had at Rockfeller Center, where even the ice skating rink was No 5 themed. You can see Saks ready for the holiday light show in one of the pictures.

Tiffany and Co. Holiday Windows

I know that Tiffany does amazing holiday decorations as well, though my pictures from previous years are sadly not the best. Here are their Andy Warhol themed windows from 2022, and a couple of decentish ones I could find from their original store in 2014, though they have moved a couple of doors over since.

Here is the Tiffany store from 2014 –

Cartier Holiday Lights

Staying on Fifth Avenue, the Cartier store likes to change it up every year, always making for an eye catching holiday display.

Macy’s Holiday Windows

Macy’s always does a great job with their windows, though the pictures on the left are all at odd angles to avoid getting all the people around there in them, and on the right are close ups to show the detail. These had motion as well, I will get to figuring out a way to showcase that soon I hope.

Here is a view of their store on 34th Street. I didn’t notice it this year, but to be fair I may just have missed it, but I always loved the Believe they had on their store during the holiday season.

Breitling Holiday Windows

One of the holiday displays that I chanced upon on my many walks through the City was the Brietling store, and they had a whole theme of Santa on Land, Santa on Water and Santa in Air for their displays. They even had a life size Santa with a surfboard in their store!

Lord and Taylor Holiday Lights

I know that Lord and Taylor has been gone from Manhattan for a long long time, and that their store is now – gasp – a WeWork, but I chanced upon these pictures from 2015, and they managed to turn the ugly sidewalk scaffolding into a holiday walkway into a winter womderland, and it remains one of my favorite uses to scaffolding to their advantage to this day.

And last but not least, this is so not a holiday display, but this person dressed as a Christmas tree definitely deserves a window of their own!


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