Secret Christmas Tree in Central Park

Hidden Christmas Tree for Pets in Central Park

I have been hearing about a secret Christmas Tree dedicated to the memory of pets that New Yorkers have lost in Central Park for a number of years, but it wasn’t till this week that I actually managed to find it. Located in the Ramble, which is all of 36 acres and thus a lot of ground to cover to find it, I finally managed to get lucky when I stumbled upon it entirely by chance in Central Park. It is easy to pass it by if you’re not in the know or looking for it.

Going closer, there were very touching tributes to pets that were very loved, and are very much missed, on the tree.

There were lots of tributes that mentioned how much their pets loved Central Park and/or New York.

The tree had a number of favorite toys and other objects of affection in their memory –

Not surprisingly, dogs and cats are not the only pets being remembered at the Secret Christmas Tree –

Last but not least, it is said that the memorials left for pets find their way back to the tree year after year, but no one knows who is behind the tree or manages this. So there is a very touching thank you for this selfless act of consideration to honor the memory of so many treasured pets at Christmas every year.


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