Fearless Girl

The Fearless Girl Standing Tall in New York

I first read about the Fearless Girl online when she first made an appearance in 2017, and made a beeline to see what the fuss was all about downtown. I recall that she had been commissioned by a Wall Street Hedge/Asset Fund ahead of International Women’s Day, with SHE being a play on their public ticker symbol, and very strategically placed so she was staring down the iconic Charging Bull.

It was just amazing to see her standing her ground against a bull – charging no less – that is so clearly ahead of her in terms of size and might in person, striking a chord and wrapping all the women that had come down to see this new installation around her little finger. Women were bringing her flowers, and I loved the plaque at her feet which read – Know the Power of Women in Leadership. SHE makes a difference. Now I know that the SHE was a pun for the company that commissioned the Fearless Girl, but I like to think of it as women making a difference, because they clearly do.

I actually went back multiple times to see her, once even in the snow, and someone had made the effort to clear the snow off the plaque at her feet. And yes, there I am in the picture below, making it two Fearless Girls standing up to the Charging Bull!

I do remember reading a while ago that Fearless Girl was moved from her original location to across the New York Stock Exchange as the artist of the Charging Bull did not like her standing up to his creation. Oh well. Fast forward to 2022, and I was excited because I was going to see the holiday lights at the New York Stock Exchange, especially because I knew I would run into Fearless Girl after many years.

I turned the corner from Wall Street onto Broad Street and there she was, this time standing up to and holding her ground in front of every Bull and Bear of Wall Street!

Women were still flocking around the Fearless Girl, and posing alongside here just like everyone was all those years ago.

I then made my way to the Charging Bull, and he was not having quite as happy a holiday celebration just a couple of blocks away, with just a little Christmas tree in the park behind him.

Seeing the Fearless Girl landing on her feet in front of the NYSE made me feel surprisingly happy, especially since she is still continuing to inspire women with her fearlessness.


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