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Holiday Lights at Hudson Yards

I know I am writing a lot of posts about the holiday lights these days, but I just had to share this. I chanced upon Hudson Yards in the rain today. It took my breath – and my umbrella thanks to the crazy winds -away. The reflection of their two million light holiday display in the rain was just spectacular, and you may tripped on to the fact that I am fascinated by reflections in my blog.

Here are a few pictures of Hudson Yards from the outside as reflected in the rain. The Vessel looked just spectacular from every angle, hence the many photographs of it below. And yes, I have many many more pictures, had a tough time whittling it down to these.

The reason I had actually chosen to go to Hudson Yards on a rainy day was because I wanted to check out this exhibit they have called Winterscape, and I was hoping the line would not be too long thanks to the rain. I did get lucky on this front and had to wait just about 10 minutes or so to check out this immersive exhibit celebrating the snow and winter. The entrance was through this white booth below, and there’s a video of all I got to see inside. Now if I was into selfies and filming myself, this would have made for potentially more engaging content as I chose to steer clear of filming myself in this booth.

It is always thankfully dry inside Hudson Yards, where their hot air balloon makes for an eyecatching display next to the Christmas trees suspended in mid air, and is a very Instagrammable photo op given the many pictures and selfies that are taken with this backdrop.

Every area of Hudson Yards including all the levels and escalators are covered in golden lights in surprisingly straight lines that never seem to criss cross even by mistake, and it almost feels like there have to be more than 2 million lights illuminating it.

The Vessel is one of my favorite things to photograph at Hudson Yards, holiday lights notwithstanding. The picture with the blue light is a reflection of section right in the middle in the floor that has a blue light that shines brightly every night, and the other is a view from the outside reflecting the holiday lights below. And yes, I realize I have many references to reflections in this post!

There is one corridor that has a space that usually has something art related in it, and I crossed this fabulous piece titled “The City” by Miguel Estrada which exhibits “NYC’s vibrant, colorful energy and underlaying community of Love”. The artist bio explains that he is influenced by graffiti artists he admired while growing up in the Bronx. It is a great interpretation of the City that I am endlessly fascinated by. The last installation I saw in this space was Lady Gaga’s floral mannequin a few months ago.


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