Femme Fleur de Villes at Hudson Yards

Fleur de Villes is a well-known floral show that showcases local floral talent in a unique and bespoke way by combining the love of flowers and local design talent to create unique one of a kind displays. In 2022, Fleurs de Villes has organized a show titled “Femmes” in Hudson Yards in New York City from October 7th to 16th.   Honoring culturally, politically, and historically significant women, Femmes Fleurs de Villes features a stunning showcase of over ten feet tall floral mannequins that are specially designed to represent these remarkable women, with pictures of the actual Femmes in the outfits that have been recreated using a wide array of flowers. The event is free to attend.

The Fleurs de Villes Femmes event is a must-see for anyone who loves flowers, art, and history, and an excellent opportunity to both learn about the achievements of women throughout history and appreciate the talent of local floral designers.   I was struck by the stunning floral displays and inspired by the stories of the remarkable women they represent in equal measure, and found myself doing multiple rounds of the floral mannequins to soak in the skill that went into their creation. While I found some to be household names, I learnt about others that I was not familiar with, making it both a learning and a visually stimulating experience.

The Femmes – Remarkable Women

Fleurs de Villes Femmes is a floral series dedicated to culturally, politically, and historically significant women throughout the ages.

Lady Gaga

This was Lady Gaga, and I can totally picture her wearing this gown made of flowers! Hers was the largest floral mannequin of them all, but to be fair so was the gown that was being copied for this mannequin as you can see from the picture below.

Serena Williams

Here is Serena Williams, tennis racquet and all. And don’t miss her shoes!

Queen Elizabeth II

Here is Queen Elizabeth II looking regal as she always did.

Gloria Vanderbilt

This one was Gloria Vanderbilt, her sense of fashion shines through, and the designers did such a great job of her dress and her jacket.

Better Midler

Here is Bette Midler, you can see the gown that was recreated in the picture next to her mannequin.

Jennifer Lopez

Here is Jennifer Lopez, her floral dress is such a great reflection of the one she wore!

Chita Rivera

Here is Chita Rivera, the Broadway legend, lighting up Hudson Yards –

Frida Kahlo

And this is Frida Kahlo, her eyebrows are a dead giveaway of who this floral mannequin represents.

Fanny Brice

For all the Broadway lovers out there, here is Fanny Brice from Funny Girl, Playbill and all –

Elanor Roosevelt

This is Eleavor Roosevelt, standing tall at the start of the Mannequin Parade behind here –

Leontyne Price

Here is Leontyne Price, the first African American soprano to receive international acclaim.

Edith Wharton

Here is Edith Wharton, one of America’s greatest writers –

Vera Wang

Vera Wang in a fabulous gown that she created, that was faithfully recreated for this mannequin –

Malala Yousafzai

Here is Malala Yousafzai recognizable in her signature traditional outfit –

Billie Holiday

Here’s Billie Holiday looking specacular in her red gown –

Bella Azbug

And last but not least, here is Bella Azbug, a leader of the Women’s movement, with a great representation of her, microphone and all –

Closing Thoughts

Fleurs De Villes – Femmes 2022 at Hudson Yards was an extraordinary event that celebrated the remarkable women over the years, ranging from Queen Elizabeth II to Lady Gaga. It showcased the talents of local florists and designers who created stunning floral displays inspired by these culturally, politically, and historically significant women, with pictures of the actual Femmes in the outfits that have been recreated using a wide array of flowers.

The event at the Shops in Hudson Yards is free to visit, and definitely well worth a visit to celebrate both the women featured in the event, and the local florists who made them come to life through skillful arrangements of flowers.

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