Each One, Every One, Equal All

Each One, Every One, Equal All by Nick Cave at the Times Square Subway Station

The MTA unveiled the remaining two parts of Nick Cave’s Each One, Every One, Equal All series of mosaics at the Times Square Subway Station last week.

Fabricated by Mayer of Munich, these are a compilation of 3 series of mosaics of Nick Cave’s wearable sculpture works Soundsuits. The series add up to a vibrant 4,600 square feet of colorful mosaic in the Times Square Subway Station in and near the 42nd Street Connector between Times Square and Bryant Park stations.

Each One

Each One is comprised of colorful Soundsuits in various stages of motion and suspension, accentuated by vertical stripes, as a nod to the Times Square ball drop right above the station.

Equal All

Equal All is an electrifying compilation of 12 Soundsuits that Nick Cave developed from 2005 to 2021, all connected by rings that seem to radiate energy, connecting one with the other.

Every One

The first of these, which was unveiled in 2021, was Every One, which is in the corridor that connects Bryant Park subway station to the Times Square subway station.

You can read more about the other art at the Times Square subway station here.


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