Characters in Times Square

Characters in Times Square

While it is advisable to steer clear of the characters in Times Square for more reasons than one, they have made themselves a constant that can smell out a tourist when they see one, for they stopped asking me for pictures or a tip a long time ago!!! Engage with them at your own risk, but you can be sure they will expect a tip any time they find someone pointing a camera at them.  That being said, I have photographed many of them over the years, with my favorite pictures being ones I have caught where they think no one is looking at them, and I manage to capture the faces behind the masks. 

Sign to tip performers in Times Square


As can be expected, Gotham is full of superheroes on any given day, and not just Batman. 

Naked Cowboy: 

The one constant in Times Square tends to be the Naked Cowboy. He is there come rain, shine, snow, and even the pandemic. He was always around even when Times Square was deserted during the early days of the shut down thanks to Covid 19, and hearing him sing was the only live music I heard in about a year!! 

Ironically, during the pandemic, the Naked Cowboy did finally cover up by putting a mask on! 

Faces Behind the Masks: 

When you cross Times Square often enough, especially during times when it is not teeming with tourists, these characters are often seen with their heads off. It is a common sight to see this on my way in to work in the mornings. 

Heads are rolling 

No one stops to give a sight like this a second look in Times Square! 

Heads are rolling
Misplaced heads in Times Square!

Statue of Liberty Conference at Times Square 

There was a time when there were a bunch of these Statues of Liberty characters at Times Square. I don’t see them quite as often after the pandemic anymore. 

Statues of Liberty
Statues of Liberty at Times Square

Dancing Baby

I have thankfully seen this character only once, it was very disturbing!

Buddy the Rat

The video below is of a character called Buddy the Rat that manages to make its way around New York! The sighting in Times Square was an unusual one. You’ll notice in the video that I step away for a second as I thought it/he was coming towards me!!


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  • Love this blog Hanit!
    Your photographs, the video and writing make time square come alive.
    I love the humanity you share with the faces behind the masks.
    It’s the eye of the beholder that would capture the heads rolling and draw our attention to the moment and elevate it for us to enjoy and remember.

    I loved experiencing time square thru your eyes and personal observation.
    I want more…

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