Legoland at Louis Vuitton

Legoland at Louis Vuitton

I was traveling for a couple of weeks, and have come back to a New York that is getting all dressed up for the holidays, well before Thanksgiving. I especially love walking on 5th Avenue at this time of year, where the holiday lights seem to shine brighter every year.

One of my favorite holiday windows is the flagship Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue. Walking on 57th Street this year, the Christmas tree looked similar but not quite the same –

Getting closer, I realized that the LV Christmas tree this year is made up of Lego blocks! And not just the Christmas tree, even the window displays are all about the Lego blocks, turning the Louis Vuitton store into a Legoland.

Here are the Lego blocks up close –

Even the small inset windows were exquisitely built up with Lego blocks –

And inside the store was a Lego Christmas tree spreading cheer for the holiday season –

As a more recent update, I have been noticing these Lego window displays for Louis Vuitton at all the department stores as well! Here are a few that I have encountered over the last couple of weeks.

This window display is at Saks Fifth Avenue, you can see St Patrick’s Cathedral reflected in the window.

This is the LV Lego window at Hudson Yards, I love the wall they have which looks like the iconic Louis Vuitton logo from a distance, which you can actually see through as you get closer.

This Lego window is at Macy’s in Herald Square as part of their eye catching holiday decor.

And this one is at Brookfield Place right off the World Trade Center. The lights you see relected are part of their holiday display titled Luminaries.

Here is the look of Louis Vuitton’s flagship store on 5th Avenue from the 2021 holiday season –

I am now excited to see Louis Vuitton’s new collaboration with Yayoi Kusama, an artist that I admire a lot.


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