Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the Spring

Cherry Blossoms and Bluebells at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is such a pleasure to visit in the spring, the first time for the cherry blossoms two weeks ago, and then for the bluebells today, and in the winter with their illuminated exhibit. Each visit made it feellike completely different gardens, and an absolute delight for the senses.

Cherry Blossoms

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is very well known for its Cherry Esplanade, which is a green lawn bordered by rows of Cherry Trees that bloom in unison, creating canopies of pink flowers that are an absolute marvel to behold. These usually bloom at the end of April.

A view of the Cherry Esplanade from a lookout point –

Cherry Esplanade

And here is a video to experience the cherry blossoms –

Bluebells and other flowers

Once the cherry blossom season is over, it is time for the bluebells, which I experienced for the first time today in the second week of May! The garden was taken over by fields of 45,000 bluebells and other flowering plants that made for a stunning visit. I am adding bluebell season to my list of must dos every year now.

I had to capture the experience of walking through the bluebells of course!

The garden was bursting with color and flowering plants everywhere today, which seemed so much brighter when the sun finally did come out in the afternoon.


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