Bed of Roses

Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I have always thought of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a place to visit for the Cherry Blossoms, but have recently discovered it in bluebell season, which you can read about here, and now as a place to visit in June for their rose garden, which is absolutely spectacular.

As I learnt yesterday, the Cranford Rose Garden has been around since 1927, and some of the original rose bushes that were planted are still a part of the garden. The garden was full of roses, and the sound of birds chirping was audible above all the people in the garden.

These pictures do not do the Garden justice as it was a cloudy day, the colors were vibrant and absolutely spectacular.

I loved the way the garden was framed through these –

There were roses blooming outside of the Cranford Rose Garden as well, all in all making it a very memorable visit.


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