Lady Liberty on Her Day Off

Reclining Liberty by Zaq Landsberg

If you ever wanted to know what Lady Liberty does on her day off, look no further than Zaq Landsberg’s Reclining Liberty which is currently installed at the Liberty State Park in New Jersey (yes, yes, I know this blog is about New York, but Lady Liberty is all things New York, yes?).

I have been wanting to see this installation since it was at Morningside Heights, but glad I finally got to experience it against a backdrop of the New York City skyline, which could not have been more perfect.

The artist has channeled both the Statue of Liberty and Reclining Buddhas from Asia for the Reclining Liberty, which looks like she is laying at the feet of the New York skyline on her day off, not too far from the original Statue of Liberty which is thankfully still standing tall.

I remember reading an article about the artist doing a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to move her to New Jersey, glad it all worked out for the move.

Here’s a fun little video of it –


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