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Rocking On with Tarik Currimbhoy

One of the highlights of my experiences in New York is being friends with Tarik Currimbhoy, who is an accomplished architect and scupltor. In addition to being a great friend and neighbor, I am in awe of the scupltures that he creates, of which I have the privilege of owning one! All of Tarik’s sculptures have a timeless elegance and graceful movement about them. I love that the form and material of Tarik’s sculptures keeps evolving with time, but all of them have a rocking movement which I find mesmerizing.

Here are a couple of videos from some recent exhibits in New York so you can experience their magic –

And these are some of my favorite sculptures that Tarik has made from over the years –

These two are full size sculptures, unlike the ones above that are all on tables, though it is a little tough to tell from these pictures –

I can’t wait to experience whatever Tarik is working on next!


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