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What Does NYC Mean in Text? A Simple Explanation

As a New Yorker, I tend to use NYC in my conversation and writing to refer to New York City. But when I was asked what NYC means in text, I became curious about the meaning behind this abbreviation.

I have discovered that NYC can have multiple meanings as an acronym or slang other than New York City depending on the context in which it is used in a chat! So what does NYC stand for in texting?

What is the NYC meaning in Text?

I have learnt that NYC in text can translate to two things – Not Your Concern and No You Can’t.  

Not Your Concern

At first glance I feel like I would not like to be at the receiving end of the acronym Not Your Concern, but it is a quick way to indicate the information being discussed is not relevant or applicable. This is especially true online and on social media platforms, where NYC can be a polite way to decline answering a personal question, or to let someone know that they are crossing a boundary in asking questions about a particular topic or conversation that is none of their business.

No You Can’t

No You Can’t seems like one I would like to use often, but I probably won’t! It does sound like something parents can text to their kids often, I can almost hear mine saying NYC to me while growing up!

Now that I know the alternative NYC text meaning, I will plan to use NYC in text when I need to say “Not Your Concern” or “No You Can’t”.  I guess in my case, it will be NYC from NYC.

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