Ancestor by Bharti Kher – Paying Homage to Generations Before, and those After

I was traveling internationally for about 10 days – which is so awesome after years of not being able to – and have come back to a New York City that is flooded with new Public Art that was literally not there a couple of weeks ago! I have yet to make my way to a number of the new installations, but Ancestor is the first of these that I am excited to introduce to you via this post on my blog. I mean, just take a look at it below –

Located at Doris C. Freedman Plaza at the corner of Grand Army Plaza and 5th Avenue, which translates to the southeast corner of Central Park at 60th Street and 5th Avenue, it is a magnificent eigtheen foot tall mother figure that towers over the people and the traffic that pass by, and stands up beautifully to the high rises in the background on Billionaires Row. Created by Bharti Kher, it connects India and New York City through this matriarch to pay homage to the generations that came before, and the ones to follow. As the Public Art website describes, “Kher’s temporary monument echoes the spirit of the Statue of Liberty. She is an empowered force fostering a diverse community – a hybrid figure whose symbolic references to multiculturalism and plurality embody the possibility of an interconnected space of belonging and care.”

Here is a video that I hope communicates the sheer size and impact of seeing Ancestor in person –

I know that I will be back to take Ancestor in again many times while she is still on display, you should if you have a chance to as well.

This corner is a great place to catch art, public or otherwise.


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