Without Venus, there is no Serena

Experiencing Serena Williams play Venus Williams at the US Open

The US Open is an annual rite of passage for me, and this year has been emotional knowing it is the last year that Serena Williams will grace the US Open. I missed seeing her play this year, but her final interview where she mentioned that ‘without Venus, there is no Serena’ reminded me of the time that I actually got to watch both of them play each other at a Quarterfinals in 2015. That must have been a tough match for their parents to watch!

When you buy US Open tickets in advance, as I do, you have no idea who will be playing on that day, so it was a real treat to have tickets to see them play each other. It was a thrilling three set match that Serena won 6-2 1-6 6-3.

I will never forget seeing them hug each other at the end, this match was definitely one of the most memorable ones I have had the privilege to experience.

And Serena ended that evening a winner, as she has many times since.


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