Thank You For Your Service

Veterans Day in New York City

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and it was being celebrated in ways big and small all over NYC. As an army brat, I appreciate the significance of Veterans Day as it celebrates all who served, which is an amazing way to acknowledge them on 11th November every year. The main event was of course the Veterans Day parade which I could not make it for, but the significance of the day was evident all over the City, with veterans in uniform to be seen everywhere on the streets of New York.

The first Veterans Day event I ran into was on my way to work, which was a takever of Duffy Square by all terrain fighting vehicles, which intrigued even the costumed characters in Times Square!

The vehicles were open and accessible by the public, which was pretty cool to see.

I managed to capture the different kinds of superheroes keeping New York safe for us –

There were many different uniforms to be seen on the streets of New York –

Rockefeller was all dressed to mark Veterans Day, and you can see the platform all ready for the Rockefeller Center Tree below –

I happened to cross Madison Square Park today, and the Eternal Light Flagstaff, which was dedicated on Armistice Day (which is what Veterans Day was originally called) on 11th November, 1923, was still celebrating Veterans Day –

Thank you for your service.

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