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Too Good To Go, an app that is Too Good To Miss

Too Good To Go has become one of my favorite apps, which on some days has become like a treasure hunt for me! It basically is an app that connects users to restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries that have unsold food surplus, which the users can buy for a nominal price and pick up within a defined time period that is different by store.

Too Good to Go app at

As the app states on their webpage, more than 1/3 of food is wasted, and the app has 61 million people helping reduce this waste through the app from 163,166 merchants that are participating in the program. I believe the cities this is offered in include Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, the D.C. area, New York, parts of New Jersey, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, Providence, and Seattle.

The app basically searches for merchants that are within a radius that you can define in the app, and you can reserve a ‘surprise bag’ for pick up. A $3.99 surprise bag usually says you should get a surprise bag worth $15, though some merchants routinely exceed that amount, and some fall short. There are very active location specific Too Good To Go groups on Facebook where users share tips and tricks to reserve bags from merchants that have great ratings and can be difficult to get, and pictures of bags they have got.

Here is what the app looks like –

I’ve eaten waaaaaay more bags than I have photographs of below! Here is a $3.99 bag I got from Breads Bakery in Bryant Park, totally blew away the value they were supposed to deliver!

And here is one from Mah Ze Dahr which is in the Hugh on Midtown East, this was a $6.99 bag that was worth its $18 value –

Eataly is supposed to give great bags, that is on my list to get one of these days, even though it will be a commute for the pick up.

As a note of caution, I have also had the experience of showing up to a store at the designated time and it was closed, though the app makes this very easy to report and get a refund.

This app is definitely worth checking out if you live in an area that is supported by the app.


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