Times Square 

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Times Square

Times Square New York

Times Square is one of my favorite places to walk through on my way anywhere,  which is just so amazing given it is the crossroads of the world. It really is ironic as most New Yorkers tend to avoid Times Square, finding it crowded and touristy, which it is! But I manage to find something new or different or unexpected every time I walk through, especially given the characters and sights and people and art and billboards that light it up every single minute of every single day. 

Times Square is not really a square, and got its name from the time that the New York Times constructed this building as their headquarters in 1904. Today, this building has a Walgreens at the ground level and the New Year’s Ball at the top, and is surprisingly unoccupied otherwise, with the billboards generating all the revenue . 

Here are some of my favorite things based on my countless walks through Times Square over the years. 


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