Times Square Safari

Concrete Jungle in Manhattan: Times Square Safari

There’s a new safari in town, and it is in Times Square! Made possible by an Augmented Reality app called Concrete Jungle AR, it literally turns Times Square into a digital jungle full of insects, reptiles, birds, a jungle, and a Savanna. It is really fun to see Times Square through a different set of (digital) eyes. Not surprisingly it has been produced by Jamestown, which is the owner of One Times Square where the Times Square ball sits.

The app has five different viewing environments that are staged at 5 different sections in Times Square on Broadway between 43rd and 47th Streets. Once you have downloaded the app, each of these sections has a completely digital safari experience. The app also has virtual games that I have yet to try. I am sharing the pictures by section below, the animals move really quick so it can be a challenge to get screenshots in time!! It was a completely different experience by day and by night for all the sections.

Here are the ones from the Insect section. The buttterflies were really tough to catch, you can see a few below.

The next section was the Reptiles, which were creepy!!

The birds were really fun. The parrot was really gorgeous at night, though I just realized those screenshots didn’t save to my phone.

The jungle section has monkeys perched at the top of the Times Square signs.

The Savanna was my favorite during the day, it didn’t shine as bright at night unlike the other sections.

I even found a way to celebrate Jerry Garcia’s 80th birthday at this safari!

All in all a great way to experience Times Square!


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