Sunsets in New York

New York Sunsets

The sunsets in New York are absolutely spectacular, and often color the sky in stunning shades of reds and pinks. I find it ironical that I always end up making plans to visit ‘sunset points’ in a lot of places I visit, and end up disappointed thinking I get better sunsets just walking on the streets of New York! The only exception was the subset in Oia, Greece, which totally lived up to its reputation.

Sunsets over Hudson Yards

This set of pictures is stunning in a couple of respects – it not only shows sunsets over the west side, mostly the area that is now Hudson Yards, but also how the construction of Hudson Yards changed the view over the years. They always say, never commit to real estate in New York based on the view, for it will change.

Sunsets in New York Streets

Sunsets while walking in New York streets are pretty spectacular when they line up just right!

Sunsets on the Hudson River

Walks to the Hudson River Park were a daily occurrence over the pandemic, and sunsets over the Hudson River were a welcome distraction from all the quarantining.

Sunsets in Central Park

I am not a big fan of being in Central Park after dark, so the sunsets I have witnessed have been few and far between, but stunning all the same.

Sunsets from the US Open

Going to the US Open is an annual rite of passage, and it is not unusual to catch a sunset over the City from the nosebleed seats that I sometimes end up with at Arthur Ashe Stadium!

Reflection of a Sunset

This is the reflection of a sunset that I managed to catch on a building on the West side, because one sunset in the frame was not enough of course.


Manhattanhenge is a phenomenon that happens in Manhattan 4 days a year where the dun lines up with the streets above 14th Street looking West. You can read more about Manhattanhenge in my post here.


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