Lincoln Center Summer Events

Lincoln Center’s Summer for the City

Lincoln Center’s Summer for the City is a celebration of the summer as they say For Free, For New York, For You, For Us All. Lincoln Center is going above and beyond to celebrate the City’s reopening after the pandemic, building out a huge dance floor with a 10 ft disco ball in the middle of their main plaza! Their steps are in rainbow colors to celebrate Pride as you can see below, and they have a ton of free events going on all summer.

I visited Lincoln Center on the evening of 4th June, and got to experience two amazing events.

The first was Swing Out, which has Swing performances presented in collaboration with Joyce Theater. These were amazing, and I definitely plan to go back for more!

The second part of the evening was a Silent Disco to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with Mark Ronson headling the event, and kicked off by Gemma Cairney. There was actually a really long line to get in for this when we first got to Lincoln Center, so we decided to start off with the Swing performances instead. About 30 minutes later, when we got back to this event, there was no line and we sailed right in, which was awesome.

The disco ball right above the Revson fountain was spectacular to experience all evening.

Here’s what it was like, though it is best to experience a Silent Disco with the headphones on of course!

All in all a great evening spent at Lincoln Center, and without spending a dime at that!!!

Here’s an update about a Bollywood music event at Lincoln Center –

Lincoln Center has been continuing their events even after the summer, such as this thoughtful piece on 700 languages spoken in New York.


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