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Stranger Things Takeover of the Empire State Building

On May 26, 2022, Netflix opened a ‘Rift’ to the Upside Down with a light show on the Empire State Building at 8:45pm in anticipation of the Stranger Things launch the following day. The location was very cryptically given as 40.7411° N 73.9894° W, which translated to the Flatiron Building as the light show on the Empire ‘Strange’ Building could be fully experienced from a distance.

As can be reasonably expected, I was there at 7:45pm, and the place was already packed. Netflix had cordoned off a section of area, with lots of areas for photo ops.

Viewing party at Flatiron for the Stranger Things 4 Upside Down rift on Empire State Building

There were a lot of photo ops, giveaways, a Stranger Things bus circling the block, and upside down elements as we waited for the rift to open in the Empire State Building, which was calling itself the Empire Strange Building.

Here’s a video of the Rift opening on the Empire State Building. The sounds you hear are like I experienced it, Stranger Things music mixed in with traffic, subway trains underneath, and a couple of chatty Cathy’s standing right behind me.

Stranger Things rift into the Upside Down on the Empire State Building

Here are a couple of pictures of the ESB, it really was very spectacular:

Just earlier this year I had visited a Stranger Things Experience that has opened on 42nd Street in a space that hosts a number of pop ups, it was fun!

Now I can’t wait to watch Season 4 of Stranger Things tomorrow…


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