Solstice Yoga in Times Square

Solstice Yoga in Times Square on International Yoga Day

Summer Solstice in New York means two things for New Yorkers – the longest day of the year, and yoga in Times Square, which as we learned today happens rain or shine!

There is a packed schedule of Yoga all day, and I happened to catch the morning session with Neeti Narula, when all was well and dry, and then in the evening with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saldman-Yee after an afternoon of rain and occassional drizzles that did not get in the way of the yoga.

Here is a video of the morning session in the middle of Times Square –

The sessions were in multiple blocks within Times Square, with a big screen to guide everyone that was not on the same block as the instructor –

The evening session was spread over even more blocks, with instructors in each section guiding the participants –

There were plenty of umbrellas covering personal belongings and even some people doing yoga in raincoats!

And there was a dog in there too!!

There was a separate section called a Yoga Village with sponsor tables giving out stuff –

All in all a busy International Yoga Day in Times Square.


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