Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

2023 Santacon in New York

Santacon is a day dreaded by all New Yorkers except the people – from the City and coming in to it – donning Santa costumes and joining what is a day long frat party, with New Yokers trying to stay out of the way in every which way possible. I am probably an exception as I don’t partake in the festivities, but find it very festive to see people dressed in Santa costumes all over the City.

This year, as luck would have it, I was on my way in from New Jersey – I do visits cousins there sometimes! – and started running into people in Santa costumes starting from stations deep in NJ all the way to Penn Station.

The meeting point for Santacon was 40th Street and Broadway, and this is what I walked into.

In a little while, this is what it what the block was like –

There was a Santacon Bus that was the focus of all the activity, and where the Master of Ceremonies kicked off the event. I did learn that this is the 41st Santacon being celebrated in NYC.

The front of the bus looked like Santa Claus –

There was another very interesting bus standing there, though I could not figure out what that was there for –

Throgh the day I came across Santas all over Manhattan, probably on their way to the bars that were part of the Santacon route! Here are some all over New York –

If you were inclined to join the Santacon celebrations, there were Santa hat sellers all over the City –

So, although I could see why this day is dreaded by New Yorkers as it is a complete takeover of our City by potentially inebriated Santas, spotting them all over the City is an entertaining way to spend the day for me.


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