Fountain at Rockefeller Center

Fountain at Rockefeller Center

I walk past Rockefeller Center on my way to work almost every day these days, and there has been an area that was cordoned off with some sort of work going on for the last week or so, which looked like this yesterday morning –

Public Art

It looked like a far cry from the usual eye catching exhibits in this space which was puzzling, till I saw what it was actually meant to be, a fountain! It is absolutely incredible to have a fully functioning fountain where there was none till last week!!! It is an interactive fountain by Jeppe Hein called Changing Spaces, which encourages viewers to jump in as the water ebbs.

The water in the fountain allows for people to step in and out as it ebbs and flows, making for a really fun interactive experience for the summer, rain notwithstanding.

And because I couldn’t resist joining the fun, here is a video from inside the fountain!!


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