Rise Up NYC

Rise Up NYC – A Block Party in Times Square with Shaggy and others

I got back from some international travel, and decided to walk back through Times Square in the evening, which most New Yorkers will say is among the most irrational decisions you can make. As I say, they have no idea what they are missing out on as I encountered a free concert called Rise Up NYC with performers like C&C Music Factory, Rob Base, Funk Flex, and of course Shaggy. I have to confess that I probably would not have bought tickets to see any of them in concert, but I was happy enough to have encountered them unexpectedly on my way home from work! The amount of free music by recognizable bands I have experienced on the streets of New York really is amazing.

Shaggy Performing in Times Square

Here is Shaggy, with some great advice at the end of It Wasn’t Me –

Rob Base Performing at Rise Up NYC

Rob Base singing It Takes Two, had no idea about the artist behind this song till I heard it here!

Funk Flex Concert

Here is Funk Flex getting the crowd going –

Doug E Fresh Performing in New York

Doug E Fresh was the last act I stayed for –

All in all a great walk back home through Times Square after all!


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