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Remembering Jeff Beck

I saw a CNN breaking news alert pop up on my phone today, and it happened to be the news of Jeff Beck’s passing. It was completely unexpected as I didn’t realize he was 78, which is ironic given the number of times I have has the privilege of seeing him perform live in New York.

I’ve been on a trip down memory lane since, with his rendition of A Day in the Life playing on repeat as it is my all time favorite guitar solo, while combing through old photographs to find ones I have taken of Jeff Beck performing over the years. So here goes.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts in 2009

The first time I saw Jeff Beck play live was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts at Madison Square Garden. I happened to attend both days, and this is by far the best musical celebration I have ever been a part of, nosebleed seats notwithstanding. I know HBO has a special about this concert, but it is a watered down 4 hour special given just the breadth and depth of everything we experienced live.

These are some photographs I have taken, this was back in 2009 so I used to carry a proper camera along. I am sure you will understand why with the ad for Blackberry under the billboard!

Jeff Beck actually performed on both days, and I got to see him play with Stevie Wonder, Buddy Guy, Sting and Billy Gibbons.

I didn’t unfortunately take any videos back in the day. but here are a couple that I found on YouTube from this concert. This one is Superstition with Stevie Wonder.

And here is my all time favorite, A Day in the Life. I still get goosebumps listening to him play, it is like his guitar manages to sing the words every single time.

Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton at MSG in 2010

The next time I saw Jeff Beck play was with Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden in 2010. It was great to see both of them do solo sets, and then they created magic when they played together.

Crossroads Guitar Festival at MSG in 2013

The Crossroads Guitar Festival is organized by Eric Clapton. Hosted in different cities and venues every year, what I love about this festival is that Eric Clapton knows and personally chooses each guitarist that plays in the festival. It is not surprising that Jeff Beck was a part of the line up. Here are the pictures I have of Jeff Beck from the one that I attended at Madison Square Garden in 2013.

These are the pictures that I was able to find in my archives today. I will definitely be back with more if there are any.

Rest in Peace Jeff Beck. Thank you for the music.

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