New York Reflections

New York Reflections

I seem to have a thing for reflections, both figuratively and literally. I love catching a good reflection, especially of some of my favorite landmarks in the City. 

I’ll save the figurative reflections for another post, but in this one I am going to share some pictures I have taken of reflections in New York over the years.  The pictures have not been touched up or photoshopped, these reflections are exactly as I experienced them.

Chrysler Building 

The Chrysler Building is by far my favorite landmark in NYC. I love to see it lit up at night, and I try to never miss a chance to photograph it, especially if I can get a reflection! Here are some of the photographs I have taken of its reflections over the years. 

Empire State Building 

I have occasion to pass by the Empire State Building often, which translates to many many pictures I have taken over the years. I am sharing two that I had even forgotten I had, both from the same vantage point but I love how New York looks by dusk and by night, the Empire State Building multiplied in the reflection. 

Central Park

Central Park is my happy place, and I love to visit it any time of year and day, not so much at night! My favorite time is definitely right after it has snowed, I’ve been known to take a couple of hours off work to visit it right after it has stopped snowing.

For now, and this post, I am going to share some of the pictures I have taken of reflections in Central Park, which are many given the numerous water bodies in the Park.

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is an iconic landmark in New York for more reasons than one, especially after having been in Manhattan on 9/11.

Here are some pictures of reflections that I have taken in and of the WTC in 2016 and 2020.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

I like to visit St Patrick’s Cathedral every time I am walking past, even if it is for a few minutes. It was especially comforting during the pandemic where I would have almost the whole place to myself, other than a couple of security guards. It was during this time that I noticed the reflection of the altar, which I loved! I was wondering why I had never noticed it before, and looking back at old pictures I realized it was because of two reasons – there were no people, and the floors seem to have been polished as they were shining.

Saks Fifth Avenue Windows

I prefer to take photographs without people in them, and the initial months of the pandemic – once I started leaving my apartment – was a time where I got NYC without people on the streets. As much as I am happy to wait till people get out of the frame for a photo I am trying to take, I have never wanted to have people on the streets back more!

It was during this time that I managed to catch some reflections of St Patrick’s Cathedral in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue on a clear and sunny day without any people in it. I have tried to replicate this now that the City has opened up, but haven’t managed to come close to these.

Lincoln Center

I love the Pool and Terrace at Lincoln Center, especially the reflection of the architecture in the pool at night when it is all lit up. And yes, that is a Henry Moore sculpture in the Pool,

Times Square

I have altogether too many pictures of Times Square, so of course I found a couple with reflections for this post!

New York Skyline

The New York skyline is ironically the best when looking at it from either side of Manhattan. This reflection captures a reflection of downtown Manhattan while looking at Midtown Manhattan, making it the best of all worlds in one picture.

42nd Street Reflection

This picture is the reflection I managed to catch of a laundry room while looking down 42nd Street. I like its representation of the people behind the facades of the buildings that make up New York.

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