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It is hard to miss the Link NYC kiosks while walking around Manhattan. While they have been controversial in many ways, including how their free internet was being misused initially and for the fact that they have cameras in them, I love the series they run of New York facts, which almost always manage to surprise me.

I got it in my head that I wanted to read the entire series of #LinkNYCFacts, which I have searched for unsuccessfuly online. So I have started going down the rabbithole of compiling a list of them, which has been a challenge for a couple of reasons – a lot of the older ones are not shown anymore so I am using Google overtime to try and find them, and because more often than not I spot an NYC Fact from across the street, and the screen changes by the time I actually get my phone ready to take a picture (I have pasted fact 498 about the Plaza Hotel below so you can understand what I mean). I keep chuckling about how confused anyone who monitors the cameras for these Link NYC kiosks must be as there are some kiosks that show these facts more than others, and ever since I got the idea for this post, I tend to position myself close to them and just keep clicking away with my phone for 10-15 minutes to build on my NY fact collection.

I’m still working on compiling a more complete list of the NYC facts, and figuring out how to paste a table that I am managing them in with the related sources – yes, for each! – on this webpage. In the meantime, here are the ones that I have managed to take pictures of over the years –

You can check out some of the New York Quotable Quotes I have chanced upon on the LinkNYC kiosks over the years.


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