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Day Out at the Bronx Zoo

I had the opportunity to go ziplining at the Bronx Zoo during the week, and I jumped at it as I have been hang gliding and paragliding before, but ziplining has managed to elude me all these years. Attached to this was a visit to the Bronx Zoo as I was going with a group of people that were making a day of it, which I was a little conflicted about as I don’t like zoos in general, though in retrospects I was glad I went as I was very happy to learn about the successful conservation efforts by the Bronx Zoo of some species that were nearing extinction during the visit.

The ziplining was over the Bronx River, which was not quite as big as I had thought it would be, and they did not take pictures – or videos – at the location, so some pictures of the location is the best I could do, though there is a picture of my wristband to commemorate the occasion.

And just because I am in awe of the adventure sports I have managed to experience given I am not a sporty person, here are the two highlights of the ones I have been fortunate to experience in unforgettable locations – hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and paragliding in Cape Town, South Africa.

Getting back to the Bronx Zoo, we happened to visit on one of the hottest days of the summer, which did not help as it is a massive zoo with a lot of walking around to get to most of the animals we wanted to see. Here are some of the highlights –

The one section that was a miss for us, though I could see the kids soaking it in and flexing the names of the ones they were familar with, was a section called the Dinosaur Safari, which had life size dinosaurs in outdoor settings that made them seem almost real.

I did have a chance to experience animals in their natural habitat at the Kruger National Park in South Africa a few years ago, and that is something I can’t wait to experience again! We did a self guided driving safari, which was awesome as we could do it at our own pace, and a guided night safari where we drove on a road with a lion walking next to us for the better part of 20-30 minutes, which was just unbelievable.

So, to bring it back to the ziplining at the Bronx Zoo, which is where this all began, I am glad I got a chance to check that off my bucket list, though now I am on a quest to repeat the experience someplace that rivals my other adventures. Costa Rica calling?

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