40,000 Cars on the High Line

Carmax event on the High Line

The company Carmax had blanketed the City (I do mean New York City of course!) with marketing an event with 40,000 cars being brought to NYC, followed by mini cars which made sense given there are no cars on the High Line. This was their way of introducing themselves to New Yorkers, and all their marketing efforts definitely caught my attention though I am not in the market for a car, mini or otherwise. Here is their ad on Nasdaq –

So off to the High Line I went on Saturday of course, where we were greeted by a block full of all things Carmax.

My favorite part of the event was a mosaic called Driven that was made up entirely of mini cars by Kevin Champeny. As the artist says – “…because if you can make it here you can make it anywhere…if you’re driven.”

There was a table with (mini)cars that could be painted, and tracks on the side where children of all ages, including adults, were having a ball.

So all in all I am glad I went to check this out, although all the marketing dollars that were spent on getting my attention will not result in any cars being bought while I am living in the City!


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