Manhattanhenge is a phenomenon when the setting sun aligns up with the East West orientation of the streets of New York, creating 4 must watch sunsets every year, twice in the spring and twice in the summer. The first day of each two day set is a half sun, and the other a full sun, both spectacular and worth the wait and watch.

In 2022, Manhattanhenge is on –

  • 29th May for the half sun at 8:13pm EST
  • 30th May for the full sun at 8:12pm EST
  • 11th July for the full sun at 8:20pm EST
  • 12th July for the half sun at 8:21pm

New Yorkers turn out in droves along the main cross streets above 14th Street wherever there is a view of New Jersey, and streets like 42nd Street come to a complete standstill as people take over, blocking traffic to view Manhattanhenge.

I did not get a chance to view the half sun yesterday, which I believe was spectacular. Today was a little hazy unfortunately, and here are some pictures from the Manhattanhenge on 30th May. You can see the sun move into view from the left, and it aligns exactly down the middle before setting.

Here’s an update of the people watching the sunset at the Manhattanhenge on July 11, 2022 –

Sunsets in New York are spectacular in general, and definitely worth keeping a look out. You can see pictures of some of the sunsets I have taken over the years here.


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