Macy’s Flower Show

Macy’s Flower Show

Macy’s is well known as a shopping destination in Midtown Manhattan, and one of my favorite times to visit them is at their annual flower show, which is typically at the end of March. They curate a glorious collection of fresh flowers into themed arrangements, making the store come alive every year.   

Every year I plan to take a couple of hours off work so I can enjoy this show with fewer people than there are on a weekend, and every year my plan gets pushed back to the following year! I will make it happen soon, I hope… 

2022 Macys’s Flower Show 

2021 – Floral Celebration of Fortitude 

2019 – Journey to Paradisios 

2018 Macy’s Flower Show – Once Upon a Springtime 

2017 – Carnival 

2016 Macy’s Flower Show – America the Beautiful 

2014 – The Secret Garden 


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