Love like Dolly and Live like Betty

Love like Dolly and Live like Betty

At the corner of 47th Street and 9th Avenue is a boarded up store that used to once be a Starbucks. Its walls were home to a portrait of Dolly Parton, sparkles and all, and signed by a streeet artist named Captain Eyeliner. This was very fitting in Hell’s Kitchen given Dolly Parton is a big gay icon in what has evolved to a gay neighborhood over the last 10-15 years.

This street mural reminding us all to Love Like Dolly was a regular fixture in Hell’s Kitchen till it was painted over by graffiti earlier this year, which was significant enough to make the local news and have the City Council representative comment on the loss!

Fast forward to a few months later, and the grafitti was painted over and thankfully replaced by one of Betty White, signed Captain Eyeliner again, this time reminding us to Live like Betty.

I walked past this block today, and the one of Betty White has sadly been painted over as well, making that corner just another forgettable abandoned wall with absolutely no grafitti or street art of any significance on it.

Speaking of Betty White, there was a memorable tribute after her passing at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, which happens to be in Hell’s Kitchen as well.

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