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Gantry Plaza State Park starring the New York Skyline

I was visiting some friends in Long Island City, and we decided to head to Gantry Plaza State Park to walk off a big dinner after. It was a spectacular evening, and the New York skyline was truly the star of the show, proving yet again that the New York skyline looks the best from outside Manhattan.

Gantry Plaza State Park actually has the huge Pepsi Cola sign that can be seen from the East side, which is a designated New York city landmark today.

The P and C in the Pepsi Cola sign stand at about four stories tall according to #LinkNYCFacts!

The Park is large enough to be able to find your own space, seating and all, and the backdrop of the skyline truly is spectacular.

An interesting fun fact is that there used to be railroad traffic in this space, and some of the rail tracks are still very much present and visible in the landscaped gardens.

An interesting observation I made was that the Empire State Building – which is usually one color all evening, other than every hour on the hour when there is a light show – changed color every time I turned around and looked at it! I have never seen this before.

And, the cherry on the icing of this walk was stumbling upon not just the setting where we just missed a wedding proposal, but also a photo shoot for a bridal couple.

All in all it turned out to be an eventful after dinner walk #gottalovenewyork

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