Lizzo ruling the stage at MSG


Lizzo Concert at Madison Square Garden

I have heard most of Lizzo’s popular songs over the years, though I don’t know each of the words to all her songs much to the chagrin of my 21 year old niece. I do love her stand and attitude on body positivity. So when a chance to attend her concert at MSG through work presented itself (I know, right!), I was happy to volunteer for this particular assignment!

Throughout the evening, I was stuck by the all female ensembles on stage, and the focus on body positivity and loving yourself, which is such a powerful message for everyone that attended.

The concert opened with Latto, a rapper that I am not familiar with at all. Although I am very sure that I will not be listening to her music being a Classic Rock kind of person whose taste in music is much older than I am, I loved that her songs were all about independent women who paid their own bills and women’s choice.

The concert went on to Lizzo, who absolutely ruled the stage. The audience (except me) knew every word to every song, and she connected with the audience and made it known that she needs us more than we need her, and that each and every person there should feel loved by her. It was a powerful message from someone who started out by sleeping in her car.

Here is some of her music from the concert –

This one felt like she was open and vulnerable, both in the music and the way that it was presented on stage –

Lizzo really connected with the audience, taking time to red the posters that people had brought to the concert. At one point she even got a pair of Yoda ears that someone in the audience was wearing, and wore them through an entire song before returning them! And of course she asked a couple of people from the audience for their phones and took selfies with them.

She ended with this heartfelt message about realizing her dreams, which was very relatable –

I loved that there was a table where people could register to Vote, as we must to bring on the change we want to see –

Lizzo definitely got herself a new fan that night, even though it took a concert to turn me into one! I am only disappointed that her concert poster with a Lizzo Loves New York theme was sold out, I stood in line for 20 minutes to get one without success. I tried to message her Instagram handle about this as I cannot find it online, here is to hoping someone reads my message.


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