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Living Lantern – A Public Art Installation in New York City

Living Lantern is a kinetic and illuminated Public Art Installation on Broadway Plaza between 39th and 40th Street in New York City. On display through 24th February, 2023, it is surrounded by an outer membrane that moves with the wind, creating a mesmerizing effect with the changing light from within.

Created by NEON in collaboration with Frankie Boyle, Living Lantern symbolizes the inner guiding light which “reminds us of our ability to find our way through periods of darkness”. At 14ft tall and 20 ft wide, the installation creates a space of its own in the shadow of Times Square and all the buildings it is surrounded by.

Here is what the membranes looked like up close. Each one is connected independently to the base structure, allowing it to flutter and move with the wind.

I loved seeing it after sunset as the lights truly shine through, making it come alive with the lights and the outer membrane moving with the wind.

The Living Lantern showcases its name as a badge of honor –

The Garment District Alliance has been organizing a series of eyecatching and thoughtful Public Art Exhibits at Broadway Plaza, and this one is as captivating as the illuminated exhibit that one could walk through called Passage, which was in the same space a year ago in January 2022.

And then there are two other illuminated art exhibits called Pulse Portal and Geo brightening up downtown Manhattan as well.


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