From Riches to Rags, Till Liquidation Do Us Part

Liquidating the Hudson Hotel

I was walking past the Hudson Hotel recently, and saw a sign outside that said there was a $5 entrance fee to go in for the liquidation sale pursuant to the hotel’s conversion into affordable housing. I have literally no space in my apartment for as much as a safety pin. but I thought it would be an interesting experience to see what had become of a hotel that was the epitome of cool, hip and the place to see and be seen in Manhattan soon after I had moved to the City.

From the outside, the facade looked almost normal, though the doors that opened up to the iconic escalators going up to the stunning reception were all boarded up.

I had to climb the stairs, which I am assuming was a service entrance for the hotel, and saw that the other end of the escalators at the top was boarded up as well.

Inside, I was one of maybe 5 people looking around. The stunning reception had become a warehouse for all things on sale, with the iconic chandelier looking out of place in between all the piles of just stuff, and blown up news articles describing the Hudson Hotel at its best when it first opened –

Here is what Hudson Hotel was like in its heyday –

The Library was in shambles, and all the signature furniture was just sitting there with no takers it seems, including the log bench and antique pool table and dome light pictured in the news articles –

The corridors and kitchens were all just overflowing with things, and if you know how to crack a safe, all the locked ones were available for a dollar. The iconic Hudson Hotel Philippe Starck chairs had already been marked down from $450 to $150 when I visited, and there were plenty to be had.

Umami Burger had lots of beds, mattresses and desks available –

The bar was a sad reflection of its heyday, with things just begging to be scooped up and find a new home.

The courtyard, which was quite the place to be, was all torn up and uprooted –

And then there was this stack of flyers that seemed frozen in time, many of the shows and activities long gone, just like Hudson Hotel –

And then there is the Gramercy Hotel which has been in the news for the same reasons. Truly a huge loss for the City.

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