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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Hanukkah in New York

This is the season for many celebrations in New York, and Hanukkah is taking center stage these days with Menorahs being lit all over the City since Sunday.

Menorah at Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan

As can be expected, New York has the biggest Menorah in the world at Grand Army Plaza to celebrate Chanukah. At 32 ft and 4,000 pounds, it’s artist Yaakov Agam is said to have been inspired by a hand drawing of the original Menorah in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.

It shares Grand Army Plaza with a Manger and Christmas decorations, which is so reflective of the melting pot that is New York.

Menorah at the New York Stock Exchange

Speaking of melting pots, the Menorah at the New York Stock Exchange shares the spotlight with a Christmas tree, along with celebrating Kwanzaa as well.

Times Square Menorah

Times Square, which is on my beaten path to work, has its own Menorah.

Empire State Building Celebrating Hannukah

The Empire State Building has been lit in blue and white with its top flickering like a candle for Hanukkah –

Dreidel on Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue has a whole bunch of holiday displays lining the avenue, and a Dreidel has always been among this collection, along with a New York taxi among others.

Menorah at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn

And here is the Menorah at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, which is the largest one in Brooklyn.

Shana Tova.


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