Hansel and Gretel Visit New York

Gingerbread Houses in New York

New York is full of gingerbread houses this winter, and I seem to be bumping into them everywhere I go. At last count I have seen over 700+ of them, though to be fair 700 of them were in one location.

I am not sure what order to tackle this post in, so here goes in chronological order of discovery.

Lotte Palace Hotel

The first one I came across was at the Lotte Palace Hotel, and this gingerbread house is a replica of the hotel that took over 200 hours to make! 40 lbs of flour, 25 lbs of confection sugar, 20 lbs of granulated sugar, 16 lbs of butter, 8 lbs of brown sugar, 6 jars of molasses, 2 quarts of egg whites, 1.5 lbs of gelatin, 1 cup of mixed cinnamom, clove and ginger were used in its making!

Essex House

Next up was a replica of Essex House, which didn’t give details of just how much sugar and flour was used in its making, but it looked decadent all the same.

Gingerbread Lane

There’s a whole gingerbread village in New York City, and it is at the Essex Market. Made up of 700 gingerbread houses, Gingerbread Lane is a feast for the eyes – and thankfully not the stomach – with 4,000 lbs of candy and 1,000 lbs of gingerbread!

Located in the mezzanine of the Essex Market, it was created by chef Jon Lovitch, who holds the Gunniess Book of World Record for the largest gingerbread village which consisted of 1,251 ginerbread houses!

Gingerbread Lane is located inside the Essex Market, and there are signs guiding everyone to it.

Here is what it looks like when you walk up to it.

And here are some of the gingerbread houses up close. The details on each one were amazing, and I love the names of the stores.

Museum of the City of New York

Last up was The Great Gingerbread NYC: The Great Borough Bake Off at the Museum of City of New York. The Museum organized the bake off for bakers to build a gingerbread represention of their respective neighborhoods in the winter.

Here are descriptions of the 6 that were on display at the museum.

First up is a representation of Madison Square Park, Shake Shack, Flatiron Building and all, clearly my favorite!

Second was a representation of a block in Astoria. The four pictures are from all 4 sides of this piece.

The third was a representation of the 7 train running through Long Island City in Queens, crossing the Silvercup Studio and all.

The fourth was a representation of Staten Island, ferry and all!

Number 5 is a represntation of a classic Brooklyn brownstore made of gingerbread, glass windows and all.

Sixth is another representation of another brownstone, this time from Cobble Hill.

And that is a wrap about all the gingerbread houses I have crossed paths with this winter.


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