For The Birds

For The Birds at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

For The Birds at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a multidisciplinary exhibition and program series inspired by the Garden’s resident birds. I stumbled on to this Exhibit when I was at the Garden for the Rose Garden which is in full bloom, which you can read about here.

For The Birds centers around birdhouses that have been created by renowned artists that are exhibited all over the Garden. They have been inspired by bird species at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and are a great way to learn about the birds. I got to see only 3 birdhouses during this visit, but I will be back to experience the others as they look fascinating.

As we walked in to the Garden, we were offered free binoculars that we got to carry back home!

A Home for Flickers by Jessica Maffia

A Home for Flickers is a very striking birdhouse that has outstretched hands offering the birds sanctuary. As Jessica describes “The desire to offer sanctuary was the primary motivation for this piece. We have destroyed so much habitat for the native creatures of this city. I felt compelled to create a safe, welcoming space in the hopes that a northern flicker, one of our exquisite native woodpeckers, would find love and call it home for a season.’

Stand Still Like The Hummingbird by Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose’s birdhouse is inspired by Henry Miller’s collection of stories and essays, and is made out of a repurposed vintage suitcase. As Aaron describes ‘This work was inpired by Henry Miller’s collection of stories Stand Still Like the Hummingbird, which outlines his unique philisophy on life. This collection had a very profound effect on me when I first read it as a young person. This house is for all species of life, from birds to humans.’

Trust Me Downy by Ellen Van Dusen

Trust Me Downy was inspired by Ellen Van Dusen buying a bird feeder for the first time during the pandemic, with the downy woodpecker being the most elusive one to visit her backyard. As Ellen says ‘Of all the birds that visit my backyard, the downy woodpecker is the most exciting and elusive. They are loud, destructive, personable, and cute. During the pandemic, I got my own bird feeder for the first time and had a cast of characters that would come through, all of which I am attached to. I hope a bird sees my birdhouse as a sanctuary that kind of looks like itself.’

I plan to go back to experience the other birdhouses, which I will write about in a follow up post.


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