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Columbus Circle Exhibit

I did a little mental debate about this post given all the recent discussions about Columbus, but wanted to share this public art initiative from 2012 for the sheer genius of it, which just happened to feature the statue of Columbus from the picture below as a coffee table decoration piece in 2012.

Columbus Circle is a well known landmark in New York City, and in 2012 there was an initiative to restore the statue which was in need of repair. Before the restoration, there was a New York living room created around the statue, with Columbus featured on the coffee table in the middle of the room. You can read more details about the artist, Tatzu Nishi, and this exhibit at this Public Art Fund link.

If memory serves me right we had to climb about 6 flights of stairs to get to the top, and it was surreal to walk into a living room with awesome views of the City.

I like to think my photography skills have improved over the years, especially after seeing the pictures I do have of this exhibit. I am totally missing what it looked like from the outside, only have pictures from the inside.

The wallpaper was New York themed.

The views from the top of Columbus Circle were pretty spectacular –


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