Death by Plastic

Death by Plastic: Mourning the effect of plastic on our lives

I was walking to meet a friend for the Louis Vuitton exhibit, I saw a gathering that looked interesting at the Sherman Monument at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue. So of course I had to figure out what it was, blogger status notwithstanding! You can see what I mean below –

So I moved closer – close enough that I am going to be in the official video that was being taken of this procession more than I would like – and heard some sort of pledge being read out, though in this case I realize it was a eulogy given the theme of Death by Plastic, which I then noticed around the necks of the mourners –

After the eulogy, everyone moved into formation around the see through coffin full of plastic, including what looked like a mannequin hand in it –

The card that was handed to me while I was filming the video above had details that finally explained the context of the Death by Plastic I was experiencing. It is an initiative by Anne-Katrin Spiess to highlight how single use plastics are smothering our planet and our bodies, and what we can do to change this.

I started following the Death by Plastic procession with every person fully in character all the way –

It was somewhere towards the end that I realized that the hand in the see through coffin under all that plastic was attached to a person as it moved!!!

I missed out on seeing where this procession ended up as I was already late to meet my friend and had to run, but I definitely have the all important effect of plastic on our lives on my mind after seeing this yesterday. In some ways it reminded me of the Public Art exhibit called The Wash that is currently on at Port Authority – I know, a surprising place for art of any kind – to highlight the effect of plastic marine debris.


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