Coldplay Music of the Spheres Concert

Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres Concert

I received an email about 10 days ago about Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres Concert at Metlife Stadium, which I wasn’t planning to go for for many reasons – I already had a packed weekend with a brunch flight planned that you can read about here, and Swing and a Silent Disco at Lincoln Center which you can read about here; I’ve seen them in concert a bunch of times; and more importantly the concert was at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, which I tend to go for with friends that have a car just given the logistics. The game changer in this email was Infinity Tickets for $20 that came with a couple of strings attached – you had to buy them in pairs, and you could be seated anywhere in the Stadium. So of course I had to try these out. The ones for Saturday were sold out by the time I got to buying tickets, so I bought the ones for Sunday.

Despite my misgivings, the train to Metlife took all of 30 minutes or so from Penn Station if planned correctly, which was not bad at all. There was even a 25% discount on train tickets that was being offered by Coldplay to encourage mass transportation. At the Will Call window at the Stadium, they had envelopes of 2 tickets each that were being randomly handed out to people that had bought the Infinity tickets, and I got section 242 to the side of the stage, while my friends scored with Section 118 which are amazing seats! But I was not complaining given the amount we paid for the tickets!!

We missed Bea Miller, who was the first opening act, but got to catch H.E.R. open for Coldplay. I am not too familiar with her music, but loved some covers that she did. It is easy to see the seats we had were to the side of the stage from the angle the videos are taken from.

H.E.R. opening for Coldplay at MetLife Stadium
H.E.R. opening for Coldplay at MetLife Stadium

Concertgoers were then invited to jump on a kinetic floor or cycle to power one of the stages for their next concert.

And before Coldplay came on, we were introduced to their eco friendly initiatives:

Coldplay’s Eco Friendly Initiatives

The concert finally started at about 9pm – the time on the tickets was 7pm – and they started with a bang, fireworks and all, which was awesome as most bands save the fireworks for the end. We were all given wristbands to wear when we came in, which lit up all at once, making the whole stadium come alive with lights.

The one advantage of our seats were the view we had of the entire stadium, which was just breathtaking with the wristbands lighting up throughout the concert. There was one time they even had the wristbands light up in the shape of hearts!!!

Here are some of the other videos that I took, because clearly I take too many pictures and videos at any time…

At the encore, they had a special guest come out, Bruce Springsteen!!! It was great to hear Chris Martin sing Dancing in the Dark with Bruce, and the crowd went crazy chanting Bruce. The quality of this video isn’t the greatest, but the song was amazing to experience.

My only regret from this concert is that I had not taken a better camera along for pictures, so here are some from a pervious Coldplay concert because I missed getting some like these over the weekend.


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