Cherry Blossoms in New York

Cherry Blossoms in New York

Spring in New York is a magical time to experience the Cherry Blossoms and Magnolias in New York, seasonal allergies notwithstanding.  I love how they soften the edges of an otherwise concrete jungle in the City, and make the various parks in New York come alive, especially if you are lucky enough to catch them on a sunny day.   

I’m very excited to share some pictures I have taken of cherry blossoms in various locations in New York. I try and make it to as many of these as I can every year, though life tends to get in the way of visiting all of them every year. 

Cherry Blossoms in Central Park

Cherry Blossoms in Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Here is a video of a walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden –

Roosevelt Island

Madison Square Park

Cherry Blossoms in Hudson River Park


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